What is to Happen

Change is frightening.
You become afraid of those who change.
Under the desk you hide.
But do not be afraid,
As I was not.

I crawled out of the tiny black hole.
Beyond, I look for help.
As I seek the future.
I look for good in life,
For what is to become of me.

I am not afraid.
Experiences can be both good and bad.
But all this helps me in life.
Once you break away,
You can never turn back.

High school is one experience I look forward to.
It brings me hope and a future.
There are many changes in high school.
There are changes which I may not prefer, That I must overcome.

So why donít you climb out of your tiny black hole.
Be brave and take chances.
And come with me,
Because you will see,
That change is not bad but good.

-Chris Campbell

On October 9th

On October 9th my brother passed that day,
all his dreams were swept away.

Many mistakes people do make,
I know you're watching us from up above.
Surrounded by angels and a white dove.

You are a brother which nobody can replace,
I wish once more I can see your face.

You'll always have a place right in my heart,
but I still wish we were never apart.

I feel like I'm in a dream I never want to come true.
Wake me now before I go too!

Michael Campbell

My Brother Chris

I used to love going to the movies with Chris. The last movie we saw together was Shawn of the Dead. Chris and I thought it was a funny movie.
The last meal we had together was Mandarin which he chose. We loved the Mandarin.
On Saturday we talking about what car we would have when we become billionares. He always wanted a Dodge Viper.
Our last vacation was in Poland. Our whole family went.
We were going to build a go cart. We were always building things. He was going to start his own business....I was going to be one of the designers.
We had so many dreams and now they can't come true. One day I'll see him again and that will be the happiest day of my life. He'll always be in my heart until then.
Until then Goodbye Chris,
I love you,

Gone So Soon

Gone So Soon
You took chances
Once too many times.
As a child you thought -
"Oh no, never me."
Life is a gift,
Given and taken at some
Unknown time.
Your time came too soon -
Your life was over in a flash.
The fun you shared,
The joy you brought,
All just a memory -
Behind us.
Your up in a far better place now, we know you are smiling down on all of us..we will never forget the day 10.09.04
     r.i.p chris campbell

Today we gather in memory of Chris,
who's smiling face will always be missed.
In god we trust and in Chris we love
And we know that he'll be watching from up above.
May we each light a candle in the dark.
So that all the family, friends, and angels will hark.
To all our hearts, minds and wonderful souls.
In memory of one with a heart of gold.
So each of you go in peace and pray for our friend.
So that his memory will never end.

written by: Adam Nichols

Chris had it good through ought his short time
More friends then I can count and family to share his life.
Chris was an inspirational to all, and helped me to see,
That how he lived his life is how it should be.
He wasn't angry, or spiteful, always in a good mood
Laughing and joking was the Chris that we all knew.
The stories we all have are full of good times,
where Chris and Will together changed each one of our lives.
Now we must stay strong, and put on a smile.
Chris is up in heaven and I'm sure he's smiling down.
Like the cool breeze and the rustling trees we were all unable to see
That Chris was an angel sent for us to meet.
Although this is a sand and hard to say good-bye
There must have been a reason that Chris had to die.
Maybe this accident will help us to see that playing with cars takes lives of friends and family.
Chris set the example and we must follow it through
Forever remembering the pain he endured
It's sad that he's gone, and I'm sure we want him back
But Chris' time was up and God wanted him back.
Chris touched each and every one of us in a separate unique way
Because of him we are this way.
though we miss you we'll try hard not to cry
you are our friend and we say that with pride
But as we grow as people we will always remember
How you touched the lives of others and brought us together.
The last thing I will say as we gather together is Chris will always be remembered
Because his impact was so great.

Written by: Samantha Rykaszewski

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